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Window Well Installation Singapore Frequently Asked Questions

Window well installation in Singapore is very important because it helps to keep water and soil away from the window. Window wells are small structures positioned outside the ground level that usually allow more light to enter as well as keep water and soil away from the window.

Window wells are both decorative and practical and as a result they need to be well installed. By installing a window well, you will lower the grade in front of the window , a factor that will help prevent water from leaking into the basement from the window frame.

In this article, we are going to focus on frequently asked questions on window well.

How do I know if a need a window well?

This is very common question that is ask by many Singapore residents. You actually need to install a window if you realize that rain water is always leaking or finding its way in your basement. You also need to upgrade your existing window well if your current window well is allowing sediments to accumulate within. If you current window well is not doing the job well then you need to install a new one.

Is it normal for window well to be filled with water?

No it is not normal. Most people usually think that it is actually normal for window well to be filled with water and that is not right. Properly installed window well is not supposed to be filled with water. However, if it happens that your window well is filled with water, then chances are that the well is full of sediments that are blocking the drainage. You should therefore ensure that you call an expert to check your window well regularly to help prevent sediments from blocking the drainage.

How are window well installed?

A window well is usually installed in four steps. The first step is excavation where a hole is dug to accommodate water and to also help keep soil away from the window. The next step is pipe installation. Once a hole has been created and well cemented, pipe is usually put in place with a drain cover to help prevent debris from finding their way into the pipe. The next step is filling the window well with gravel and the last step is testing to ensure that the window well actually drains efficiently.

How much does it cost to install window wells?

The cost of installing window well is not fixed because of various factors. These factors include: the number of window wells that you are planning to install, the design or style that you are planning use the prevailing market price or raw materials and price charged by the contractor that you have hire to install the wells. If you want to bring the cost of installation down, ensure that you carefully compare prices in the market and only choose the best.

How long can window well last?

Window well can last for many years if they are well installed and maintained. In fact, studies have shown that they can actually last for up to 20 years. Therefore, if you want your installed window well to last for long, ensure that they are properly installed and maintained.